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Here’s what some of our Montgomery, TX customers are saying about us:

We have used Stowe's for 3 different cars and they have gone above and beyond. Excellent service!!

Mary Harrison Google Review

I take my truck in my wife's car there every year to have it inspected and I do have some work done on it every once in awhile the they do really good work people there are real nice and friendly

Burt Green Google Review

Friendly and prompt service. Very helpful.

Tomas Verastegui Google Review

Very happy that I brought my car to Stowe's. At first, I was not sure where to get my car repaired after my wreck... Stowe's was close to home and I had a good feeling... So I gave it a try. It was great choice! They were very helpful and went above and beyond to help me. Real nice people. Not only that but the work done was amazing! Every detail, even the small one's I had were fixed perfectly and it was done quickly. My expectations were totally exceeded. I would recommend anyone to go here. I know it's where I will go again next time.

Thanks Stowe's!

Riley Rollins Google Review

5 Stars!

Maddie Poole Google Review

Stowe’s did an amazing job on my daughters car repairs. Our family dog chased a critter up under the car. My dog wanted the critter in a bad way and as a result did quite a bit of damage.
Glenda kept me updated through the entire process. Todd and his team are fantastic at what they do. Very trustworthy and honest business people. It will be the only body shop I’ll ever use again. Very satisfied customer!!

Christina Thibodaux Google Review

They were so fast and friendly. My 16 year old was headed to school to pick up her brother and had a blow out. They quickly towed her to Walmart to get it replaced. Even offered to pick up my son from school on the way!

Kandy Minchew Google Review

Great customer service

Megan Michelle Blaker Google Review

Good people. We've used them several times in the last 20 years and know other folks that have been going there as long or longer. We do recommend them to friends and family.

john klaassens Google Review

Outstanding customer service! Top Shelf repair and paint! Excellent rates! Check here BEFORE you go anywhere else.

Doug M. Stowe's Collision Customer Review

Get all my tires,oil changes and inspections done here quick and convenient.

Brian Engel Google Review

5 Stars!

Doug Martin Google Review

Stopped in for a vehicle inspection. Fast and easy. Highly recommend if you need an inspection!

Cheryl Leverett Google Review

5 Stars!

bill coffin Google Review

Fast and cheap

William Ryan grenwelge Google Review

Stowes fixed my sister's car with top notch service a couple of years ago. When someone sideswiped my truck on Christmas Eve, I took my truck to Stowes and it looks better than it did before. Fast and courteous service !

Jerry Collins Google Review

Ran Over A Nail , They Fix My Tire Quick, Fast, And In A Hurry , Great Service .

Lakeyndria Irving Google Review

Their tire service is top notch. Very fast at state inspections. Body work is the best in the county.

jason walding Google Review

5 Stars!

Rudy Gross Google Review

Straight forward and down to earth. I don't think you can go wrong with them. They really seem to care. Highly recommend.

Cristalle West Google Review

5 Stars!


Got all my inspections for Cdl done correctly tire bought and balanced and installed with prompt and accuracy service. Outstanding job. Thank you.

J. Speake Stowe's Collision Customer Review

Mrs Stowe and the crew are the best

Wm. Orr Google Review

5 Stars!

Kristen Knutson Google Review

Excellent service and prices are are very reasonable

Rebecca Henning Google Review

Good people. We've used then several times in the last 20 years and know other folks that have been going there as long or longer. We do recommend then to friends and family.

john klaassens Google Review

Very helpful! This was my first accident or anything dealing with insurance and they helped me get through it all thank you guys Glenda is amazing!!

haven moore Google Review

Thanks to the wrecker who pulled me out of the ditch. Excellent service.

Debra Westberry Stowe's Collision Customer Review

I live out in Conroe now but this is the only place I call when I need a tow our anything done on my vehicles

Chase Simonton Google Review

These people are great! I have been a customer of there's for as long as I could drive.

They are so helpful and kind, I live further away now and can't go there as much but I sure wish I could.

Dustin Whitaker Google Review

We have only used them once but everything went real well. My wife had a little bang up on her front quarter panel. Audi quoted us about 4100 for a body repair and Stowe's did it for about 1500. So I am a happy boy. Quality of work and paint looks great. This is a family run business, husband & wife team and they are very nice people. I would use them again.

John M. Yelp Review

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